Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Does 25 Look Like?

A full body shot is not something I would ever share with anyone.

But since losing 25 pounds (actually 26 now), I can't believe the difference in my body shape or size. It really seems like such a small amount, but the difference to me in how I feel and secondarily how I look is astronomical.

Here I am at my birthday part last year ..........

And here I am this morning ............

I notice the biggest difference in my upper body, my shoulders, my collarbone and upper chest area and my back. When I look in the mirro now, I don't see an obese person, I see someon who could stand to lose a few more pounds, but not what I saw before.

I have gone down almost two sizes in my hips, but the biggest difference I see is in my upper body.

I just seem to keep feeling better and better. And another interesting note, since I've started this new life style of eating a healthy and mostly raw diet, it would seem that I can have a little cheat here and there and it doesn't seem to make any difference. By cheat I mean a small bowl of Buffalo Blue chips or maybe one of my daughter's absolutely terrific brownies.

However, the one thing that does make a huge impact on how I feel is to have something fried or processed. None of that for me any more. It bloats me .... makes me retain fluids .... gives me gas (pardon me) ..... and just generally makes me feel like crap.

So although this started out as a diet of sorts, it has become a true life style change which I will cling dearly to for the rest of my life.

Here's looking at a skinnier me sooner than later!


Alli said...

You look great! :) A little cheat every once in a while is good for the soul...especially a homemade brownie! ;)

Thanks for giving me the award back! I am glad that you enjoy my blog, I know I love to visit yours!

Your juicer has inspired me to get into juices! We are making due with our blender right now and have been loving the veggie "smoothies"...alas the blender is on its last legs and it will soon be time for something new! I will definitely check out your model!

Cheers to healthy living!

Colleen said...

OH MY GOD!!! You look amazing!! You are so awesome Barb! You are my inspiration.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Barb you look amazing (not that you did'nt before but WOW mama). Twenty-six pounds is a big deal; ten would be a big deal so imagine 26!!! You are beautiful, I never met you in person but I know you are as beautiful inside as you are outside. And yes, a reward here and there won't do any harm. Yes it's mostly the raw diet but me thinks it's the ugly shoes ;-) Have a great day, Spring is on it,s way ! Vickie xxo


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