Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day!

And I pause to remember the freedom we all take for granted.

And then I think of all our fallen heroes who have died to preserve our freedom.

The Highway of Heroes in Canada has seen far too many of our young soldiers travel along it for the last time.

It is a moving tribute to see the procession as it drives along the highway and the amount of people including soldiers, firefighters, police, families of previous fallen soldiers and those of us who silently weep at the senseless loss; congregate at each & every bridge from CFB Trenton to Toronto.

There is a reverence and silence each and every time a soldier comes home for the last time.

Let us not forget today our precious freedom that was and continues to be bought as such a high price.

Let us also remember the familes ~ the mothers and fathers who held their sons and daughters for the very last time, the children who said goodbye to their mother or father for the very last time, as they were deployed to go and fight these wars.

Today is also a special remembrance day in our family as our third grand baby Zander was born six years ago today.

I have always called Zander my little cuddle muffin. He is a very special little boy, full of a love of life and very full of love for his family who surrounds him.

We went to a birthday party for him on Sunday where Don and I were treated to a very special viewing of two movies that Zander's big brother Jayden produced and directed. While we were sitting on the sofa watching the movies, Zander came over, squeezed in between Don and I and casually placed one hand on each of our legs. Now that he's getting older, we don't get these very special moments quite as much as we used to, so when we do I savour each and every moment, enjoying the delicious flavour of unconditional childhood love.

Happy Birthday Zander!


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