Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Colour Is Your Aura?

The human aura is an energy field that reflects the subtle life energies within the body. These energies make us what we are and in turn are affected by our surroundings and life style.

Our aura reflects our health, mental activity and emotional state. It also shows disease ~ often long before the onset of symptoms.

Close to the skin is the etheric aura. It is seen as a pale, narrow band that outlines the body, usually no more than half of one inch wide. It looks like pale smoke clinging to the body. This is the visible part of the etheric body in it's contracted state. During sleep the etheric body expands greatly and opens to absorb and store cosmic energy. The etheric is better named the vitality sheath or energy body. After sleep, it contracts, forming a dense sheath around the body close to the skin.

Everything in the Universe is vibrational. Every atom, every part of every atom, every electron, every elementary particle, even our thoughts and consciousness are vibrations.

Auras are an electro-photonic vibrational response of an object to some external excitation - for example ambient light.

A human aura is partly composed from electromagnetic radiation ~ from microwave, infrared to UV light. The low frequency microwave and infrared part of the spectrum is related to the low levels of our bodily functions ~ DNA structure, metabolism, circulation, etc... whereas the high frequency UV portion is related to our conscious activity such as thinking, creativity, intentions, sense of humour and emotions.

Children are naturally able to see auras. Infants frequently look above a person in front of them. When they do not like the colour of the aura above the head, they will cry, no matter how much smiling the person does. This natural ability slowly disappears as they age due to the materialistic world and suppression of their nature by following superficial examples.

For the past few weeks, after learning how to see auras, I have practiced religiously on a daily basis to see mine. When I finally learned how to soften my gaze (this is hard to do deliberately), I was able to see a white glow around my feet and also my fingers. This is not to be confused with the after image that you see if you stare at something long enough and then look elsewhere quickly. As I continued to practice, I started to see a little colour ~ right now it is a beautiful spring green. After seeing my aura, I started to work with my dog while she slept. Chelsea's is pure white. I tried as well with my daughter and saw a whitish blue haze around her.

This skill can take months, even years to perfect. As I continue to explore my spirituality, I must exercise patience and accept this gift as it is given. I've only just begun.

The colours I have seen represent only the top layer of what is hidden beneath waiting for me to discover.

I have learned that different colours mean different things.

Red indicates force, vigour and energy. Dark reds indicate a high temper and is a symbol of nervous turmoil. A lighter red indicates a nervous, impulsive, very active person, one who is probably self-centered. Scarlet indicates an overdose of ego. Pink or coral is the colour of immaturity, frequently seen in young people. In all cases of red there is a tendency to nervous troubles.

Orange indicates thoughtfulness and consideration of others. Golden orange is vital and indicates self control and creativity. Brown orange shows a lack of ambition and a don't care attitude.
Yellow indicates health and well-being. These people are happy, friendly and helpful.

Green is the colour of healing. It is helpful, strong and friendly. Blue greens indicate helpfulness and trust. Lemony green showing lots of yellow is deceitful.

Blue is good but the deeper shades are best. Pale blue indicates little depth, struggling toward maturity. Middle blues or aqua indicates a hard worker. Deep blues indicate a person immersed in their work, tending to be moody with a mission they are steadfast in fulfilling. These people are usually spiritually minded and dedicated to unselfish causes, such as science, art or social service.
Indigo and violet indicates seekers, people who are searching for a cause or a religious experience. Those showing purple are inclined to be overbearing.

White indicates perfection.

Black indicates serious illness or death.

Brown indicates humility, earthy, sincere, a gentle heart.
Grey indicates an absence of life force.

Silver indicates balanced life force, an appreciation for life and its' offerings, a universal outlook.

So, what colour is your aura?

Monday, March 22, 2010


As you know, I have radically changed my lifestyle by adopting a vegan lifestyle, juicing, eating a 60/40 raw food diet.

And now, I have added "green monsters" to my diet.

What ~ you ask is a green monster"

Well, let me tell you, it is the yummiest smoothie (raw food) I have every tasted.

I discovered this marvelous website thanks to my daughter called "The Green Smoothie Queen". I spent hours perusing this site, pouring over the information therein, and then I jumped in with both feet. Since Monday of last week, I have replaced one meal each day with a green smoothie. There are recipes posted here, but you really are only limited by your own imagination. I put a banana in every smoothie for the sweetness and potassium, and then everything else is whatever happens to be in the fridge .... blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, mango, papaya, avocados and then, I stuff in as much leafy greens that I can fit in the blender. I have used spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, parsley and swiss chard. I also throw in a spoonful of ground flax seed for the EFA's.

You won't believe this, but you can't even taste the greens. (My grandsons drink one of these "green monsters" every day and they hate vegetables.) Now, I do love my greens in salads, sauteed, in soups or .... pretty much any way at all, but this is a great way to get them in their raw form which is the superior way to consume vegetables and fruit. So I get all the wonderful nutrients and goodness from the greens while enjoying a smoothie that is sweet, thick and gloriously delicious. On her website, the Smoothie Queen suggests using water to make the mixing easier. I use a little almond milk which adds even more to the creaminess of the smoothie. I was talking to my daughter about what liquid she used in her smoothies and she said she saved a little leftover juice from her morning juicing to use. As I said earlier you are only limited by your imagination.

Prior to adding this to my daily menu, my energy had most definitely gone up, my daily fight with fatigue disappeared, but now, my energy is practically blowing the roof off my house. I can't seem to slow down or stop.

Simply amazing!!!!! I don't remember feeling this well in well over 20 years as I have fought to deal with my arthritis, my fibromyalgia along with other health issues.

So, grab your blender, some fruits and as much greens as you can fit in the blender and whip yourself up a cup of pure energy.

Savour the moment of blending as you enjoy watching the beautiful fingers of green lacing their way up through the fruit as they turn your concoction into the most vibrant shade of green which will tickle and tantalize your taste buds. But be prepared for the revitalization you will most certainly be rewarded with as you continue to blend your greens into a yummy, yummy smoothie.

My daughter ~ Sebrina recently did a post on her blog called Radiance. Pop over there and have a read and you'll know exactly how I feel lately.

Purely radiant.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Guilty Cravings

Well, I have officially been living a vegan lifestyle for 6 weeks now as well as maintaining a 50% raw diet daily. Although I will preface my use of the word "vegan" by calling myself a "begegan". This means that I occasionally indulge in honey and goat cheese.

I am thoroughly enjoying this new lifestyle change and having fun with different recipes and trying many, many new fruits and vegetables, either juiced, in smoothies or lightly cooked.

However, for the past 3 weeks, I have been craving a hamburger in the worst way. I tried putting it out of my mind, tapping my way through the cravings all to no avail ~ the craving would not go away.

After intensive research on food cravings, I have discovered that if you are craving certain foods ~ in my case red meat, that most likely I am deficient in either iron or protein in my diet. Now, I have not had a blood test to determine this, I am quite sure that is not my problem as my energy levels are astronomical which indicates that I have no problem with iron reserves and as well I am careful to ensure that I have protein in my diet every day with either nut butters or bean spreads.

So why was I craving this darn burger so badly.

Certain foods are loaded with chemical additives, refined sugar, opioid peptides (think opium & morphine), and other addictive ingredients that literally make you "need a fix".

When it comes to food cravings: this poses a challenge ~ is my body asking for something it needs or is it remembering something it was once addicted to.

Should I ignore my cravings or indulge them?

Well, yesterday I indulged my craving ~ and yes I paid dearly for it. Major stomach upset for the remainder of the afternoon, but no matter today I am back on the wagon, enjoying a delicious juice for breakfast (grapefruit, orange, lemon, apple, carrot, kale & beet) and then for mid morning a "green monster" smoothie, then for lunch a delicious wrap filled with peppers, mushrooms, onion & garlic all sauteed in olive oil, then wrapped with spicy black bean dip, guacamole and salsa. YUMMMY!

As well today I decided to update my measurement chart which I have not done in one month and I was rewarded for all these changes I have made to my diet.

My losses are as follows: 5" from my chest, 4.75" from my waist and 5.25" from my hips. I am officially not shopping in the plus size clothing any longer and can easily slip into a large tee shirt or large - extra large or size 16-18 bottoms. Not bad considering that when I started this journey I was wearing a size 20-22 on my bottom and a size 18-20 on my top.

Feeling quite satisfied with myself today.

As for the cravings ~ well, I don't imagine I'll be having any for quite some time. My reaction yesterday was swift and strong, enough to keep me away from "meat" leaving it to the animals like the tiger up above who actually has the proper digestive system to digest meat, unlike humans whose intestines are so long that meat putrifies and sometimes can take up to 8 days to eliminate.

Yup, I think that my indulgence yesterday might have been the last one ~ at least I certainly hope so.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Does 25 Look Like?

A full body shot is not something I would ever share with anyone.

But since losing 25 pounds (actually 26 now), I can't believe the difference in my body shape or size. It really seems like such a small amount, but the difference to me in how I feel and secondarily how I look is astronomical.

Here I am at my birthday part last year ..........

And here I am this morning ............

I notice the biggest difference in my upper body, my shoulders, my collarbone and upper chest area and my back. When I look in the mirro now, I don't see an obese person, I see someon who could stand to lose a few more pounds, but not what I saw before.

I have gone down almost two sizes in my hips, but the biggest difference I see is in my upper body.

I just seem to keep feeling better and better. And another interesting note, since I've started this new life style of eating a healthy and mostly raw diet, it would seem that I can have a little cheat here and there and it doesn't seem to make any difference. By cheat I mean a small bowl of Buffalo Blue chips or maybe one of my daughter's absolutely terrific brownies.

However, the one thing that does make a huge impact on how I feel is to have something fried or processed. None of that for me any more. It bloats me .... makes me retain fluids .... gives me gas (pardon me) ..... and just generally makes me feel like crap.

So although this started out as a diet of sorts, it has become a true life style change which I will cling dearly to for the rest of my life.

Here's looking at a skinnier me sooner than later!


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